How a Digital Tech Helps Photographers Take Great Pictures

The tech industry is all about innovation, growth, and creation. The big five in the US are Alphabet (Google), Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. These companies, as well as hundreds of thousands of smaller firms, compete for market share. In addition, tech companies are constantly evolving, and each new product or service comes with a new twist. For example, Adobe has expanded into a hardware and software business and has become a leading global player in the creative industry.

The digital tech should demonstrate how to use the camera, as well as file transfer workflows. If it is their first time, they should run through their software with you. For example, if you are using Photoshop, the tech should test the software, import some test images, and run a few quick processing tasks. Then, they should demonstrate how to store the images, whether they are on the main hard drive or on their backup drive. While most photographers copy their images to their own drives, the tech should also show you how to transfer them to your own storage devices.

Before shooting, the tech will set up the computer station, and go over all of the settings in the software with you. He or she may want you to tether your camera to your laptop or run your memory cards back and forth. Once the camera is set up, the tech will test the camera and run quick processing on your files. Once the files are processed, the digital tech should verify that you have the right image storage on your computer. The software should be installed and configured to your liking.

To prepare the camera for the shoot, the tech will setup the computer station. They will go through the software with you. They will also help you with file transfer workflows. They will run test shots and test the settings and workflows on the camera. They will also make sure that the images are stored in the proper place. The digital tech should use the main hard drive or his or her own backup drive. You should always copy your images to your own drives in case of data loss.

Once the shoot is done, the tech will install software and set up the computer station. They will also run the software with you to ensure everything is in place. They should also test the camera’s memory card reader to make sure all of the pictures are stored correctly. Afterwards, the tech will run all the programs on the computer with you. They should check the settings for your camera and the program on the computer. They should be able to use it on all cameras.

In the video industry, you can work as a digital tech. If you’re a photographer, you can choose between a video production and a photography shoot. A video production tech is responsible for the images and the video. A great Tech will be happy to assist you with anything you need. A few things to remember before the shoot include researching the equipment and its uses. It’s also a good idea to bring all of the connections cords you need for your photography.