Blog for photographer and how to create it.

All art disciplines have questions about inspiration. We will talk about blog for photographer. Behind this term is a concept that raises many questions, and sometimes even some concern. In fact, it would be better to provoke this inspiration than to wait forever. Before looking for sources of inspiration, it is important to understand that this is not necessarily present. Specifically, this means that you can practice photography very well without being really inspired. Often inspiration comes from practice and attention to what is happening around us. The best way to find inspiration is to become more familiar with the work of other artists.

Looking for an answer to the question – how to start a photography blog? Thanks to the Internet, you can learn about the work of photographers around the world. Of course, do not limit yourself only to this remedy. To stimulate your inspiration as much as possible, you can visit various exhibitions, get acquainted with books covering the works of great photographers, and many others. When you have no inspiration, you can try to get back to basics by focusing on lightness. Specifically, you don’t need a whole bunch of different accessories to take one shot.

If you are not sure which way to go, just use everyday exercises. I often take the same photographs from the same place, but from a different angle and with different lighting, but my pictures remain very diverse and always end up finding something else to say. When you try to work out your latest ideas, your photos may not look the way you imagined. On the contrary, everyone who succeeded, regardless of the chosen field, had to make many mistakes. Specifically, it’s normal that you have a huge number of shots that you are not necessarily proud of, but they are necessary to help you surpass yourself and always move on. Do not be discouraged by your failures and take them as a lever to your next success.

How to create a professional blog and how to make it famous? How long will it take and how many visitors can I expect? Can a blog post itself online within 30 minutes a day? Where can I post a blog so that Google can link well to it? Here are some of the questions we regularly ask entrepreneurs who have heard about blogs but also want to ask them.

The main advantages of blogging is that articles are very easy to publish (a blog is a word processor that also allows you to publish articles on the web and manage your site using simple tools and practice). With a blog, this time there is no need to know the Internet. In addition, Google and search engines “love” blogs, and finally, a blog is less “commercial” than a commercial or institutional website. The big disadvantage is the lack of flexibility of the blog in the layout and the difficulties in optimizing it for SEO (as a rule, you can not control the entire site).

Blogger Tip: – Pay attention to the publication time for home photography. Just like newsletters, the time and day of sending strongly affects the speed of reading the article (for example: publishing your article at 1:00 will be less effective than publishing at 9:00, so in the last articles submitted …). There are several “borderline” methods, such as voting for articles from other accounts or from other computers, but it’s better to avoid it, as this contradicts the blogger’s philosophy … – in order not to have Pyrrhic win when you select similar sites in Digg, add voting buttons to the end of your articles, this will allow you to reduce their number in the depths of the links provided … – Google punishes sites that make a “duplicate argument”, that is, that rewrites existing articles (the phenomenon of SPLOGS or spam blogs).

To avoid this side effect, you can offer sites that accept your content as a summary (Conseils Marketing allows you to copy an insert in exchange for a link to the site) – the names of the same blog article and Digg should be different. On a blog, you should give priority to keywords wanted by Google (how to create problems with xxxxx, xxxx ….) on a blog, everyone like you should want to read the news (10 tips for XXXX, 20 tips for xxxx).

Following all these guidelines will greatly help you promote and create your own blog and increase the chances that many will see your photos.